Our Technology Platform

Financial Analytics & Intelligence | Online Lending & Investing | Risk Structuring & Asset Management

InState’s unique value propositions are enabled through an advanced technology stack that combines:
Deep financial analytics; Flexible banking products & accounting; Cloud-based Administration of front, middle & back-office

Operational workflows are controlled and automated end-to-end on-platform. Actions are executed by dedicated software engines. Decisions are informed by proprietary algorithms. The system is designed to be modular and pluggable.

User interfaces are made available via modern APIs and web UIs.

The following introduces the platform’s components.


Core Feature Sets

Advanced Analytics

Financial Intelligence System.

Analytics engines and data-driven algorithms deliver:

  • Credit risk-based pricing and decisioning
  • Automated credit & investment underwriting
  • Asset Portfolio valuation, monitoring, structuring
  • Business Financial Intelligence
  • Investment Portfolio Intelligence

Automated Administration

Financial Operating System.

Embedded administrative functionality drives:

  • Automated front, middle and back office
  • Connected user, data and admin management
  • Banking-grade contracting and doc handling
  • Configurable, robust & user friendly processes

Digital Assets & Accounting

Financial Accounting System.

Platform core banking system delivers:

  • Financial products, accounts, ledgers & reporting

DLT-Enterprise blockchain smart contracts:

  • Govern transaction execution verification,
  • Provide immutable, secure single source of truth.


Data-driven Financial Risk Analytics

Credit Risk-based Pricing

Data science algorithms consume conventional and alternative data to identify and estimate financial risks - focusing on creditworthiness and affordability. Software engines price-in the risk, to deliver deep insight into asset and portfolio value and their contingency dynamics.

Automated Underwriting and Decisioning

Financial product terms and features are offered and approved based on user and admin preferences and risk profiles. Our algorithms and analytics engines unlock scalable, fast, transparent, controlled and automated underwriting of both loans and credit investments.

Credit Portfolio Intelligence and Structuring

Deep insight into portfolio risks and asset value - driven by external and platform-held data. Our algorithms also propose structural enhancements to resolve mismatches and manage risks. Products and strategies are recommended, based on targets and preferences.

Business Treasury Intelligence

Connect to external business data sources, and receive deep insights into operational, financial and creditworthiness KPIs - both historical and forecast. Based on user-defined targets, recommendations are made for custom credit products and strategies available.

Investment Portfolio Intelligence

Connect to external accounts and asset data, and receive deep insights into consolidated portfolio performance and risk KPIs - both historical and forecast. Based on user-defined targets, recommendations are made for custom investment products and strategies available.



Full-Stack Financial Operations

Client & User Management

Onboarding. Online Applications. CRM. Customer Portal.

Workflows & Controls

Processes. Monitoring. Forms. Tasks.

Contracting & Documents

Smart legal contracts. Customer-related communications and documentation - across onboarding, identity, products, covenants, collateral, positions and so forth.

Reporting & Dashboard management

Configurable reporting tool, to ensure regulatory reporting compliance. Flexible Dashboarding and rich visual reporting of analytics and account positions.


External payments (fund onboarding and offboarding). Business online accounting and bookkeeping data. Client financial assets, accounts and open banking data. Bureau data, and other alternative data.


Automated Core Banking and Digital Asset Management

Financial Product Management

Native Multi-currency Digital Wallet.

Credit Products: Loans. Lines of credit. Loan Sales, syndications and risk transfer.

Investment Products: P-Notes - Loan participations; S-Notes - Structured flexible fixed-income; Fund units - Ownership in fund pool.

Ledgers & Accounting

Configurable Chart of Accounts, and user friendly General ledger management. Designed to handle flexible products, fee structures, and transactions. Distributed Ledger enables higher levels of security and coded trust across parties.

Transactions & Payments

Internal and external transactions are configured at the product and service level. On-platform value transfer is accounted for in either a general ledger or a distributed ledger - or both. Interoperability with external payment rails are available through the platform subject to required authentication, identity and access.

Smart Contracts and DLT asset network

Governance of end-to-end asset lifecycle and transfer. From issuance, servicing, transfer, and retirement. Tokenized digital assets enable frictionless financial exchange DLT network.


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